Passage: Revelation 17-18
Much controversy surrounds the identification of Babylon in Revelation 17-18. The reason for this controversy is that interpreters disagree over the hermeneutical approach to be employed in deciphering John’s Apocalypse. This disagreement over hermeneutics in turn results from disagreement regarding how Revelation’s genre should be classified. Should Revelation be classified as belonging to the prophetic genre or apocalyptic genre? The genre categorization selected by the interpreter effects his hermeneutic. Each of these genre categories is accompanied by a different set of hermeneutical principles.
Duration: 1 hr 32 mins 24 secs
In the coming tribulation period, the Antichrist will rule the entire world from his headquarters located in the literal, rebuilt city of Babylon on the Euphrates River found in modern day Iraq. Not only have numerous Christians throughout church history embraced this view, but it has also been incorporated into the bestselling Left Behind series. The real question, however, is whether such a view can be successfully defended from Scripture, which is the ultimate court of authority in all matters of Christian faith and practice. It is the purpose of this work to demonstrate that it can. Thus, this work will survey various lines of biblical evidence that call for a futuristic, literal Babylon in God’s end time program. ...
Passage: 2 Peter 3:3-15
Duration: 1 hr 20 mins 45 secs
Duration: 1 hr 25 mins 55 secs