David Hocking

David Hocking

Hope for Today was founded by Dr. David Hocking in the fall of 1995. David was born in Long Beach, CA and after High School, attended Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, where he graduated with a B.A. in Bible, Greek, and Ancient History. After college, David attended Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, IN, where he received his M. Div. degree in Biblical Studies. David also continued graduate studies and received a Doctor of Ministry degree as well as a Ph.D. degree in Biblical Studies and languages. David also received a Doctor of Laws degree, being honored by Biola University.

David has been preaching and teaching the Bible for over 50 years and has taught courses in Bible, Theology, Biblical Languages and Expository Preaching in colleges as well as in graduate schools. His radio Bible teaching began in 1970 and has included such programs as Sounds of Grace, The Biola Hour, Solid Rock, and for the last 13 years - Hope for Today. David has served as pastor in Columbus, Ohio, Long Beach, California, and Santa Ana, California. He has written over 35 books.

David was married in 1962 to his wife, Carole. Together they have three married children and six grandchildren. They have co-authored two best sellers - "Good Marriages Take Time" and "Romantic Lovers," a commentary on the Song of Solomon. His Biblical commentaries have included Genesis, Nehemiah, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Isaiah, Daniel, Philippians, I & II Timothy, Hebrews, and Revelation.

David has focused in his ministry upon Bible Prophecy, especially as it relates to God's plan for Israel.

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Many of our listeners and readers have asked questions about Iran and what we should know about this important and strategic country in our world. The earliest history we have deals with ELAM. At the time of Abraham (about 4,000 years ago - Genesis 14) we learn of a confederacy of nations that appears to have as its leader a man named Chedorlaomer who is stated to be the "king of Elam." In a battle with the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham and his 318 trained men pursued them and rescued Lot...
The term "ISRAEL" is used 2,566 times in the Bible - more than any other subject next to the Lord Himself! The misunderstandings and various interpretations of this unique word moves us to a careful investigation of how it is used in the Bible...
Passage: Psalm 2:1-12
The word "millennial" is from the Latin - meaning a thousand years" a term which occurs in Revelation 20:2-7 a total of 6 times. The word "Pre-Millennial" refers to the belief that Jesus Christ will come again at the end of the tribulation and destroy all nations who will come against Israel and Jerusalem and will occur before the thousand years begin and the kingdom of the Messiah is established upon the earth...