"Supersessionism is the view that the New Testament Church supersedes, replaces, or fulfills the nation Israel’s place and role in the plan of God,"] notes Mike Vlach, who has written a PhD dissertation on the topic. Supersessionism is another term, often found in academic circles, for replacement theology. Today there is a growing trend for some who teach replacement theology to deny that their views should legitimately be classified as supersessionism. ,,,
Paul Smith, the younger brother of Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel fame, has written an important new book entitled, New Evangelicalism: The New World Order. In this book, Smith identifies the snares that threaten to destroy the effectiveness of Bible-believing, gospel preaching, Bible teaching churches, like those within his own Calvary Chapel movement. New Evangelicalism traces the roots for the last hundred years that lurk on the horizon and threaten biblical churches today, by demonstrating how too many evangelicals have already swallowed the poison. Smith not only exposes the problem, which is abandonment of the inerrancy of Scripture, but what the solution is and how it can revive our evangelical churches.
Hank Hanegraaff of Bible Answer Man fame has recently delved into the field of eschatology (the study of last things) with the release of a novel called The Last Disciple, co-authored with Sigmund Broward. It appears that Hanegraaff has adopted the preterist position in this first novel in a series that sees the book of Revelation as having been fulfilled in the first century. "Hank is a partial preterist who holds to a view on eschatology that is similar to the position held by Gary DeMar," according to DeMar’s American Vision website. The Last Disciple is being billed as a preterist counterpart to the Left Behind novel series of Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. In the past Hanegraaff would not publicly state his views on eschatology but now is aggressively propagating them as the true biblical teaching.
God used are a number of Gentiles during the twentieth century who played a crucial role in the founding of the modern state of Israel, but probably none greater than Major General Orde Wingate of the British Army. Wingate is viewed as a founder of the IDF (Israel Defense Force) and is said in Israel to be HaYedid, "the friend," because of his devotion to the Jewish People and Zionism. Why was Wingate so different from the other British officers assigned to Palestine in the 1930s?
A problem generated by the viewpoint of premillennial, posttribulationism is as follows: "Who will populate the millennium with mortals, if the rapture occurs in association with the second coming?" This is a problem that has never been answered by any posttribulationist. In fact, very few posttribulationists even attempt to answer this problem. Instead, most just ignore it.