Andy Woods

Andy became a Christian at the age of 16. He graduated with High Honors earning two Baccalaureate Degrees in Business Administration and Political Science (University of Redlands, CA.), and obtained a Juris Doctorate (Whittier Law School, CA), practiced law, taught Business and Law and related courses (Citrus Community College, CA) and served as Interim Pastor of Rivera First Baptist Church in Pico Rivera, CA (1996-1998).

In 1998, he began taking courses at Chafer and Talbot Theological Seminaries. He earned a Master of Theology degree, with High Honors (2002), and a Doctor of Philosophy in Bible Exposition (2009) at Dallas Theological Seminary. In 2005 and 2009, he received the Donald K. Campbell Award for Excellence in Bible Exposition, at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Andy is president of Chafer Theological Seminary. He has contributed to many theological journals and Christian books and has spoken on a variety of topics at Christian conferences.

Andy has been married to Anne since 1998 and they have one daughter, Sarah. They live in Sugar Land, TX.

Paul Wilkinson

Lives in Oldham, Lancashire (in the north of England)

Minister, Hazel Grove Full Gospel Church, Stockport, Cheshire

BSc in Mathematics and Statistics (University of York)

BA and MA in Theology (University of Manchester)

PhD in Religions and Theology (University of Manchester, 2006)

Council Member of Prophetic Witness Movement International (PWMI)

Author, For Zion's Sake: Christian Zionism and the Role of John Nelson Darby (2007) - an edited version of my PhD thesis, John Nelson Darby and the Origins of Christian Zionism

Research consultant for the documentary film The Destiny of Britain (Hatikvah Film Trust, 2007), released this year in the U.S. as The Cyrus Call, which tells the history of British Evangelical belief in the restoration of the Jews, prior to the issuing of the Balfour Declaration

Studied and taught at the International School of Holocaust Studies, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem Conference speaker and contributor to several Christian publications and journals (including Bibliotheca Sacra).

William Watson

Dr. William Watson is Professor of History at Colorado Christian University. His degrees are from Cal Poly (BA History, 1976), Talbot Seminary (MDiv, 1979), University of California Riverside (MA European History, 1981 & PhD English History, 1995).

He served as a linguist for Army Intel in Berlin (1973-75), taught at a Christian high school in the 1980s and at Azusa Pacific and Cal Baptist in the early 1990s before coming to CCU in 1996. He also teaches occasionally as an adjunct professor in Western Civilization at the University of Colorado Boulder.

He was a Fulbright Senior Scholar to Moldova in 2004 and an Oxford Visiting Summer Fellow in 2007. As a graduate student he studied at the Huntington Library, the British Museum, and Oxford and Cambridge, as well as helping to compile a database on everything published in the English language prior to 1800, allowing all this material to now be available online. His research specialty is 17th and 18th century English Church History, with a doctoral dissertation on the politics of English clergy, and subsequent research on the relationship between religion and science, and now eschatology.

Watson is author of Dispensationalism Before Darby (Lampion Press, 2015).

Michael Vlach

Associate Professor of Theology at The Master’s Seminary

B.S., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
M.Div., The Master’s Seminary
Ph.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Before joining The Master’s Seminary faculty in 2006, Dr. Vlach functioned as a Professor of Humanities at Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Nebraska. He also taught Bible, Theology, and Hermeneutics for Grace University in Omaha, Nebraska. While working on his doctorate, Dr. Vlach was the Senior Researcher/Writer at Church Initiative, a church-equipping ministry in Wake Forest, North Carolina. An ordained minister, Dr. Vlach served as an assistant pastor in Lincoln, Nebraska for five years where he headed up a church-based Bible training institute. Michael speaks regularly at churches and conferences and has appeared on several national radio broadcasts. He has also published numerous articles in Christian magazines and scholarly journals. Dr. Vlach began his tenure at Master’s in 2006.

Michael specializes in the areas of Systematic Theology, Historical Theology, Apologetics, and World Religions. His specific area of expertise concerns the nation Israel and issues related to refuting the doctrine of Replacement Theology. Dr. Vlach was awarded the "Franz-Delitzsch Prize 2008" for his dissertation, "The Church as a Replacement of Israel: An Analysis of Supersessionism."

He is also the author of five books:

Has the Church Replaced Israel?: A Theological Evaluation (B & H Academic, 2010)
20 Tips for Writing Seminary Papers (Theological Studies Press, 2010)
The Church as a Replacement of Israel: An Analysis of Supersessionism (Peter Lang, 2009)
Dispensationalism: Essential Beliefs and Common Myths (Theological Studies Press, 2008)
Philosophy 101: The Big Idea for the 101 Most Important People and Ideas in Philosophy (Theological Studies Press, 2007)
He Will Reign Forever: A Biblical Theology of the Kingdom of God (Lampion Press, 2017)

Dr. Vlach is also the Founder and President of, a cutting-edge website devoted to providing quality articles, news, and information related to Christian theology. Michael speaks regularly at churches and conferences and has appeared on several national radio and television broadcasts including The History Channel.

Michael is also a member of the Evangelical Theological Society and has taught various courses in Theology for Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

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