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Duration: 1 hr 27 mins 45 secs
Some have alleged that dispensational premillennialists do not focus upon the centrality and glory of Christ because they are too consumed with Israel. They contend that dispensational premillennialists are so infatuated with God’s plan for Israel and its restoration that this becomes a hermeneutical key that offsets God’s larger plan of redemption. This is simply not true.
Duration: 1 hr 29 mins 20 secs
Hermeneutics occupies a pivotal place in the discussion on eschatology. As premillennialists, we commonly argue that a consistent hermeneutical approach—one that interprets all passages literally, grammatically, and historically—inevitably yields a premillennial viewpoint.[1] This is a major, driving argument for us and rightly so. Behind our concern for hermeneutics is a consummate passion for understanding Scripture correctly, for articulating the very depths of God’s Word and knowing the God of the Word accurately...