The heartbeat of the prophetic calendar beat in perfect timing until an event occurred that caused the heart to flat line for an undetermined period of time (Eph 3:1-7; Col 1:24-29). The stopping of the heartbeat was not fatal to God’s prophetic program for the Jewish people or the nation of Israel, but God’s program specific to Israel was paused and remains paused temporarily (Dan. 9:26-27). God, in His sovereign will, paused the prophetic calendar and inserted the current church age. The church age, as will be argued throughout this paper, is a temporary interruption to God’s prophetic calendar, which is specific to the Jewish people and the nation of Israel. When God completes the church age and removes the church age saints (1 Thess 4:13-18; 1 Cor 15:51-54) the prophetic timeline will once again start ticking as a heart that has once again started beating (Dan. 9:27).

Never before has the Christian church so desperately needed to reignite its mandate for teaching and preaching the full council of God. Specifically, the contemporary Christian church must vigorously teach the doctrine of eschatology with biblical and scholastic excellence, in a manner that is comprehendible to all Christians. ...

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