2023 Pre-Trib Study Group Conference Papers

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Dr. Andy Woods

A Critique of the Pre-Wrath Rapture View

Paper (DOCX)

Paper (PDF)

Slides (PPTX) (14 MB file)

Slides (PDF) (34 MB file)


Dr. Randall Price

How Can Dispensationalists Believe in the Literal Fulfillment of Ezekiel’s Temple?

Paper (DOCX) (73 MB file)

Paper (PDF) (66 MB file)

Slides (PPTX) (301 MB file)

Slides (PDF) (58 MB file)


Dr. Jordan Ballard

A Case for the Pretribulational Rapture of the Church

Paper (PDF)


Dr. Mike Vlach

Hermeneutics of Non-Dispensationalism

Paper (DOCX)

Paper (PDF)



Dr. Bryan Blank


No paper or slides


Dr. J. B. Hixson

Spirit of the False Prophet: Rise of the Global Technocracy

Slides (PDF) (15 MB file)


Lee Brainard

More Pre-Darby Rapture Finds throughout Church History

Slides (PDF)

Slides (PPTX)


Olivier Melnick

The Normalization of Antisemitism: The Longest Hatred Becomes the New Normal

Paper (DOCX)

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Jesse Randolph

Exegetical and Pastoral Insights into the Future-Oriented Prophecies in Hosea

Slides (Keynote)

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Bill Koenig

Discussion of Current Events

Slides - Part 1 (PPTX) (42 MB file)

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Slides - Part 2 (PPTX) (17 MB file)

Slides - Part 2 (PDF)



Dr. David Reagan

My Pilgrimage to a Premillennial Viewpoint

Paper (DOCX)

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Israel Panel

Randall Price slides (PDF) (38 MB file)

J.B. Hixson slides (PDF)