2008 Pre-Trib Study Group Conference Presentations

December 8–10, 2008

  Speaker Title Links
  Dr. Paul Wilkinson For Zion's Sake: Darby and Christian Zionism Video   Audio
  Roger Oakland Apostasy and the Emerging Church Video   Audio
  Dr. H. Wayne House Josephus, the Early Fathers, and the Fall of Jerusalem Video   Audio
  Dr. Kevin Zuber The Meaning of “to Meet” in 1 Thessalonians 4:17 Video   Audio
  Dr. Tim LaHaye and
  Joel C. Rosenberg
2008 Banquet Presentation Video   Audio
  Dr. John McLean The Chronology of the Book of Revelation Video   Audio
  Dr. John Whitcomb Ezekiel 40–48 and Millennial Sacrifices Video   Audio
  Mike Gendron Roman Catholicism and Bible Prophecy Video   Audio
  Jimmy DeYoung, Chuck
  Missler, Randall Price
Discussion of Current Events Video   Audio
  Charles Clough Interpreting Texts on End-Time Geophysical Catastrophes–Part 1 Video   Audio
  Dr. Thomas Ice The Meaning of “Earth Dwellers” in Revelation Video   Audio