2012 Pre-Trib Study Group Conference Presentations

Contending for the Faith in the Last Days

December 3–5, 2012

  Speaker Title Links
  Dr. Thomas Ice What Does the New Testament Teach About End-Time Apostasy? Video   Audio
  Ken Hornock Christian Mysticism within Evangelicalism Video   Audio
  Dr. Paul Wilkinson Replacement Theology at Bethlehem Bible College Video   Audio
  Mike Gendron Roman Catholicism's Drift into Apostasy Video   Audio
  Dr. Tim LaHaye and
  Paul Smith
2012 Banquet Presentation Based on "New Evangelicalism: The New World Order" Video   Audio
  Mark Musser Relating Environmental Fascism to Baalism & the End Times Video   Audio
  Dr. William Watson Concepts of a Pretribulational Rapture and Great Tribulation in 17th & 18th Century England Video   Audio
  Dr. Ed Hindson Morality Turned Upside Down: Biblical Examples of Apostasy in Judges Video   Audio
  Warren Smith Overview of Global Spirituality's Influence in the Evangelical Church Video   Audio
  Soeren Kern Discussion of Current Events Video   Audio
  Bill Koenig Discussion of Current Events Video   Audio
  Randall Price Discussion of Current Events Video   Audio
  Soeren Kern, Bill Koenig,
  Randall Price
Current Events Q&A  Video    Audio
  T.A. McMahon Psychology in the Church Video   Audio
  Dr. Gary Gilley The Spiritual Reformation Movement Video   Audio
  Dr. Tim LaHaye Devotional Message Video   Audio