2017 Pre-Trib Study Group Conference Presentations

Bible Prophecy and the Reformation

December 4–6, 2017

  Speaker Title Links
  Dr. David Hocking Israel’s Disobedience and the Sovereignty of God Video   Audio
  Charles Clough How Corrupted Science Produces False Eschatology:
A Look at the So-Called Climate Crisis
Video   Audio
  Dr. Phillip Goodman The Prominence of the ‘Eastern-Leg’ in Bible Prophecy Video   Audio
  Dr. Thomas Ice 2017 Banquet Presentation Video   Audio
  Dr. Paul Wilkinson Devotional Message Video   Audio
  Brannon Howse The Coming Religious Reich Video   Audio
  Dr. H. Wayne House The Clash Between Literal Interpretation and Allegorical Interpretation from the Fourth Century through the Reformation Video   Audio
  Dr. William Watson The Rapture, Antichrist, and Rebirth of Israel in Medieval Manuscripts Video   Audio
  Dr. Mike Vlach An Overview of the Biblical Teaching on the Kingdom of God Video   Audio
  Dr. Randall Price Discussion of Current Events Video   Audio
  Jeremy Thomas Are Any Signs of His Coming in the Church Age? Video   Audio
  Dr. Robert Dean Rapture or Second Coming: The Hermeneutical Mare’s Nest of the Olivet Discourse Video   Audio