2014 Pre-Trib Study Group Conference Presentations

Things to Come: Making Sense of Current Events

December 1–3, 2014

  Speaker Title Links
  Dr. Thomas Ice A Proposed Approach to the Application of Bible Prophecy to Current Events Video   Audio
  Dr. Andy Woods World Government on the Horizon Video   Audio
  Mark Musser The Tyrannical Apocalyptic Lawlessness of Modern Environmentalism Video   Audio
  Dr. Carl Teichrib Becoming Babel: Pursing the Vision of World Unity Video   Audio
  Dr. Tim LaHaye and
  Dr. Robert Jeffress
2014 Banquet Presentation Video   Audio
  Jim Fletcher Opposing Joshua: The Modern Evangelical War on Israel Video   Audio
  Phillip Goodman Ezekiel 38 and Psalm 83: Relationship and Timing Video   Audio
  Dr. Mark Hitchcock Blood Moons Rising: Is the Blood Moon Tetrad a Sign of the Times? Video   Audio
  Soeren Kern The United States of Europe: A Brief Summary Video   Audio
  Wilfred Hahn Discussion of Current Events Video   Audio
  Bill Koenig Discussion of Current Events Video   Audio
  Wilfred Hahn and
  Bill Koenig
Current Events Q&A Video   Audio
  Dr. Randall Price Ready to Rebuild: The Still Imminent Plan to Rebuild the Last Days Temple Video   Audio
  Dr. Paul Wilkinson Devotional Message Video   Audio