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2020 Pre-Trib Study Group Conference Presentations

With Our Eye on the Sky ...

December 7–9, 2020

  Speaker Title Links
  Dr. Ray Mondragon Making Science Great Again: The Biblical and Dispensational Foundation for Science      
  Dr. Tim Chaffey Fallen: The Sons of God and the Nephilim      
  Dr. George Gunn End-Times Apostasy and the New Apostolic Reformation      
  Dr. Scott Aniol Polishing Brass on a Sinking Ship: Toward a Traditional Dispensational Philosophy of the Church and Cultural Engagement      
  Dr. Erwin Lutzer 2020 Banquet Presentation - The Judgment Seat of Christ Video   Audio
  Don Perkins Devotional Message      
  Cory Marsh Discovering Dispensationalism: Tracing the Development of Dispensational Thought from the First through the Twenty-First Century      
  Dr. James Fazio Discovering Dispensationalism: Connecting Dispensational Thought From the New Testament to Darby      
  Dr. Mark Hitchcock Corona Crisis: Plagues, Pandemics, and the Coming Apocalypse Video   Audio 
  Bill Koenig Discussion of Current Events Video   Audio
  Dr. David Reagan The Greatest Event of the 20th Century      
  Dr. Andy Woods Babylon in Bible Prophecy