2018 Pre-Trib Study Group Conference Presentations

Remembering the Holocaust on Israel's 70th Anniversary

December 3–5, 2018

  Speaker Title Links
  Dr. Randall Price The Miracle of Israel at 70 Video   Audio
  Mark Musser The Final Solution as Nazi Eschatology Video   Audio
  Dr. Paul Wilkinson “Can These Bones Live?”
Holocaust Lessons from Le Chambon
Video   Audio
  Johannes Vogel From Hate to Love Video   Audio
  Chris Edmonds 2018 Banquet Presentation – Righteous Among the Nations Video   Audio
  Dr. David Hocking Devotional Message Video   Audio
  Dr. Mitch Glaser Messianic Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto Video   Audio
  Dr. Jeffrey Dickson The Coming Lamb: John’s Apocalyptic Introduction of Christ and its Eschatological Implications Video   Audio
  Olivier Melnick Modern Jewish History: From Never Again to Over Again! Video   Audio
  Dr. Michael Rydelnik Faith After Auschwitz Video   Audio
  Bill Koenig Discussion of Current Events - Presentation Video   Audio
  Bill Koenig Discussion of Current Events - Q&A Video   Audio
  Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum When Your Face Was Your Destiny Video   Audio
  Dr. Mike Stallard Why the World Hates the Jews Video   Audio